About Bequests
About Planned Giving
Planned giving is the process of making provisions for a future charitable gift, most commonly in your will or estate plan. For most people, a planned gift is the most impactful gift they will make in their lifetime. Planned gifts to Pace Academy primarily support the school's endowment, securing its future for the children and grandchildren of today's students—and all future generations.

Planned gifts provide donors the additional benefit of not affecting current cash flow, and can often be arranged to have minimal impact on total estate value. Many planned gifts provide tax-favorable benefits, and even income, to the donor and beneficiaries.

A bequest through your will or a trust is one of the most popular and flexible planned giving vehicles, and is a significant way you can further Pace's mission. More
Gift Options
Gift Options
Beyond bequests, numerous planned giving options are available for your consideration. Learn about What to Give as you evaluate your assets—you may wish to consider a planned gift comprised of cash, securities and/or property. Learn How to Give—discover gift options that provide tax and income benefits. Your financial advisor can help you evaluate the gift opportunities explained here to design the best planned gift for your personal goals.
Gift Options
The Castle Circle recognizes individuals and couples who have made provisions for a planned gift to Pace Academy. Your membership in The Castle Circle is confirmed when you sign a Letter of Intent that notifies Pace of your plans. Sharing the specific details of your planned gift is optional. The Advancement Office can provide you with more information about The Castle Circle.
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Donor Stories
Pace Donor Stories
Many members of the Pace community have already made provisions for a planned gift to Pace. Here are some of their stories.